Khieng ATELIER 宇璟設計有限公司是由長期旅法,擁有豐富經歷及創作潛力的知名設計師方國強先生主持之專業設計工作室。來自法國Ungaro 高級訂製服裝品牌的首席配件設計師方國強, 將法國服裝界的藝術表徵—Haute Couture 的高級訂製概念融入各種不同的商品設計, 包含服裝,配件,飾品,皮件及禮品等。 同時在傳統的高級訂製概念要求下, 每一件作品除了強調專業素養的投入, 更堅持每個細節的品質要求, 提供客戶整體完美的服務。

Brand Story

Khieng Atelier Co., Ltd. is a professional design studio directed by the renowned designer Khieng Puong, who lives in France and has abundant experience and creative potential in clothing design.

As the chief accessory designer of Emanuel Ungaro, an haute couture brand from France, Khieng Puong incorporates the concept of haute couture, an art characterization in the clothing industry in France, into various product designs including clothing, accessories, jewelry, leather goods, and customized premium products.

Under the stringent specification of the traditional haute couture concept, each item, in addition to being committed with professional skills, is detailed to perfection, providing the perfect service for our customers.

Our studio offers exclusive service and established a unique management style that adopts vertically-integrated production—from designing, sketching, material selection, to product making.

We design perfect clothing tailored specifically to the wearer and incorporate customization into product designing.

We follow the European procedural concept in haute couture garment creation. We create designs for singular products and seek local and international professional resources to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We merge popular art from different domains and pursue creating fashionable and exclusive boutique items. You need not travel abroad to enjoy the world’s finest services.

Our professional designs deliver the latest trends, and our premium services satisfy the needs and tastes of our customers.

  • Amber An

Thank you Khieng Puong, for the custom-tailored dresses; they are beautiful!

  • ELLE

Khieng Atelier brings the most orthodox French haute couture experiences to Taiwan, enabling customers to an authentic experience in French haute couture apparel-making.

  • Camelia

With a unique garment, you won’t need to worry about the awkwardness of an outfit clash with others or about poorly fitting apparel exposing your body figure unwontedly. Haute couture apparel manifests the dream of all women to own that garment tailored to your personal style.