Khieng ATELIER 宇璟設計有限公司是由長期旅法,擁有豐富經歷及創作潛力的知名設計師方國強先生主持之專業設計工作室。來自法國Ungaro 高級訂製服裝品牌的首席配件設計師方國強, 將法國服裝界的藝術表徵—Haute Couture 的高級訂製概念融入各種不同的商品設計, 包含服裝,配件,飾品,皮件及禮品等。 同時在傳統的高級訂製概念要求下, 每一件作品除了強調專業素養的投入, 更堅持每個細節的品質要求, 提供客戶整體完美的服務。

Khieng Puong

Growing up in Paris, Khieng Puong has been fascinated by paintings as a child, particularly in the fine brushwork and meticulous craftsmanship, in addition to the intricate palette changes in the paintings. He obtained a degree in fashion design from Duperré Arts School in France and subsequently joined the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac brand, establishing a solid essential foundation for working in the fashion industry.

His talent enabled him to work as chief accessory designer at the reputed brands of Jean Louis Scherrer and Emanuel Ungaro, both of which are recognized by the Chambre syndicale de la haute couture (Trade Union of the Haute Couture) in France, where he participated in designing haute couture, color planning of accessories, and print, jewelry and leather goods designing. Puong has worked with Ungaro for 12 years and inherited professional knowledge and skill in orthodox haute couture.

Established in 2000, the Khieng Atelier brand focuses on the haute couture. From pattern making to fitting, fabric ordering, and construction, we follow the procedural concept of creating haute couture garments in Europe, use European fabric, and specifically invite haute couture designers from France to advise on professional craftsmanship and techniques. Therefore, our clients need not travel abroad to enjoy world class quality.

For leather goods and accessories, Khieng offers handbags that are exclusively designed and practical for daily use as well as to showcase the clients’ personal styles and unique tastes. In addition, we create custom-made fashionable accessories for iPhone/ iPad products, infusing refined aesthetics into electronic products featuring the latest technology and bringing more pleasures to our lives.
In 2003, one of our haute couture clients, the spouse of an entrepreneur, asked Khieng to design the uniform for employees at the enterprise, initiating a new chapter for Khieng Atelier.

Khieng stated that the tailor making concept is applied both for making haute couture apparel and uniforms. Haute couture apparel is custom-made for a single client, whereas a uniform is designed with the aim to emphasize the professionalism and spirit of an entire enterprise. By applying the technique and style of tailor making to different products, the meticulous details of each piece of work can be appreciated, and the personal characteristics and styles of each client can be incorporated into the products. Such is our aim at Khieng Atelier.